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A Letter to Libertarians

Exploring Left/Right Common Ground, Post-Scarcity, and Panarchy To Whom This May Concern, In light of #BottomUnity, I want to have a talk about economic systems. I don’t think people should be enemies just for having different economic views. In fact, in a free society, I do believe there is a way where EVERYONE can be happy. This utopian ideal is not without flaws of course, but we should at least STRIVE for it, in my opinion. […]

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Where I Stand on Abortion

The most heated debate issue right now is abortion. No question about that. If you want the back and fourth view of both stances, you should read The Abortion Epidemic. This is a personal reflection of my own stance. The democratic slogan “My Body, My Choice” is profoundly libertarian. However, we extend that principle to all instances such as drugs and prostitution. As most people know, I am strongly Pro-Choice and vehemently against abortion bans. […]

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