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A Letter to Libertarians

Exploring Left/Right Common Ground, Post-Scarcity, and Panarchy

To Whom This May Concern,

In light of #BottomUnity, I want to have a talk about economic systems. I don’t think people should be enemies just for having different economic views. In fact, in a free society, I do believe there is a way where EVERYONE can be happy. This utopian ideal is not without flaws of course, but we should at least STRIVE for it, in my opinion. I may or may not piss off people on both ends of the spectrum so here we go!

First, I just want to say that each economic view has different schools of thought. I’m only going to be covering 3: Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism. But there are actually MANY more economic philosophies than those three.

All of these systems can happen with OR without a state. Some schools of though believe capitalism MUST have a state and some believe it MUST NOT. Some believe socialism MUST have a state and some believe it MUST NOT. Some believe communism MUST have a state and some believe it MUST NOT. There are also theories about using the state to “transition” into a stateless society.

Let’s talk about how I define these issues, to the best of my understanding.

Capitalism — A top down system
Socialism — A system in which is horizontal
Communism — The abolition of class & currency

We can talk about mutualism, georgism, etc. some other time.

When I hear the word “free markets”, I don’t think of any specific system. To me, free markets means being free to trade and do business without exploitation.

I don’t really associate TRADE with any particular system, because goods will still be made regardless of the system they’re made IN. One can argue that profit incentivizes better inventions, but one can also say the same of passion being put into projects. To me, there is no clear answer about the future of the world, other than the NEED to find common ground.

Capitalists will agree that it is unjust and inhumane to force them into a socialist society. I agree with that. Socialists will agree that it is unjust and inhumane to force them into a capitalist society. I agree with that as well.

Communism is a little tricker, because both capitalism and socialism rely on wealth, while communism is excluded in that regard. When it comes to communism, I do imagine it being more popular in a post-scarce society. Now, many will say this is impossible. I think that’s a matter of opinion. Either way, shouldn’t we *try* to get there? To a point where humankind can live, self provide, without being overcome by greed?

Capitalism can transition into corporatism and socialism or communism can transition into authoritarian states if there is little emphasis on the”libertarian” or “anarcho” aspect of these ideologies.

What is MY solution? In a free society, make social contracts and divide up the land by preference of economic system. Or decentralize and localize, depending on what stage of anarchism.

Let socialists have their means of production, let’s communists have their communes, and let capitalists have their businesses.

Honestly, if someone wants to work in a hierarchy, or what’s to work in a horizontal system — why do you CARE? There is absolutely no need to ABOLISH voluntary operations. A case can be made if these systems are involuntary like the way they are now, but in the example I’m making, it would be a stateless world. “Countries” would not exist. Only communities. And to each their own. Communities would enforce home rule. If a child grows up and no longer wishes to be apart of that community, they should easily be allowed to enter another. Let’s render state borders illegitimate.

As for the debate around private property — I’m not sure it’s one we can ever solve. I’m not in favor of wealth hoarding, but I’m also in not favor of guillotines. I believe humans can be sane, rational creatures when we WANT to, and that savagery is primitive. Sometimes, violence works better under the right circumstances. But we can’t use violence for long term goals. Just because it “works” doesn’t mean it WORKS.

In terms of anarchism, I believe even “states” can exist. I do not believe in being born in a country means you signed a contract. If you have a community of 3,000 people, and they ALL consent to a democracy — fantastic. If you have 3,000 people who ALL consent to a monarchy — I’m gonna judge, but I mean, who cares? As long as at the end of the day, everyone is free and no one is being exploited against their will, that should be our end goal.

Sure, this all sounds rather idealistic. But to the outside world, so does ALL of your ideas, as libertarians. There are so many different philosophies out there, we will NEVER get everyone to agree to them all. But I think we CAN agree that people ought to be able to be apart of whatever systems they choose. I think there’s enough space on the planet to allow this. These ideas are pretty raw, and there are people who can explain them far better than I ever could, but I HOPE to understand EVERYONE at the end of the day.

We NEED each other to grow the party. We need the left to talk to the left and the right to talk to the right. I believe that’s the only way.

We can argue about philosophy all day every day, but first, let’s work together to abolish the state.

With my Best Regards,
Brianna K. Coyle

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